Spatial separation of individual plant parts and limited heights of rooms are no problem for us.

Whether pneumatic or mechanical – we convey your product with the required quantity to the right place in your plant.

Förderweiche FPW

Feeder Diverter

Saugfördergerät FPS 500

Vacuum Conveying Unit
FPS 500

Saugfördergerät FPS 350

Vacuum Conveying Unit
FPS 350

Dichtstromförderer FPD

Dense Phase Conveying System FPD

Hängebahnförderer FHM – 1500

Overhead Conveyor System FHM 1500

Rohrschneckenförderer FMS-R

Tubular Screw Conveyor FMS-R

Trogschneckenförderer FMS-T

Trough Screw Conveyor FMS-T