Process engineering in former times

Innovative since 1818

In the year 1818 the company DERICHS was founded as a manufacturer of mills. In that time the main work was done in the manufacturing of machines for milling of crops in the local or distant situated wind- and watermills. Even now there exist some chronicles in old books, like in the town-hall of Tongeren in Belgium. For example as an old mill had to be repaired in those days the manager and owner, Mr. Peter-Josef-Derichs, travel with some fitters to Tongeren. – Not – as you may think by train or horse and carriage! In fact they travelled the long way by feet and with a simply handcart! As you see, at that time no way was too far for the people, which couldn’t be covered by “shank’s mare”. Certainly today, in the fast-moving time of technique, it is easier to go by car, train or plane.

Unternehmen Historie

At that time as well as today – specific wishes of our customers are the most important base of our work. Long ago we passed the traditional manufacturing of mills and our company found the field of activity in several branches of the bulk technology, because wind- and watermills are only outmoded items in museums. Creativity, long experience and modern technology today are the strong fundament for our modern company.