Mixing plant for powder coatings

Time-saving homogenization and cleaning

The powder coating manufacturer CWS from Düren, Germany, was looking for a flexible mixing plant with which ground powder coating components could be mixed into a finished powder coating. The high homogeneity with short mixing time and, above all, the good accessibility of the mixer for cleaning purposes were decisive for the choice of the Derichs batch mixer MBZ 1400.

Mixing in the production of powder coatings must be carried out gently and in a time-saving manner. In modern mixing plants, high demands are made on homogeneity, mixing time and product protection for sensitive goods. The ability to clean the mixer without contamination in the shortest possible time is also an essential requirement. Cleaning time is lost time, which must therefore be reduced to a minimum. For this reason, Derichs has further developed the MBZ 1400 batch mixer, which has been tried and tested for many years, with regard to the cleaning option. The most important innovation here is the cleaning doors on both sides, which extend over almost the entire mixer width. These doors allow easy access to every point in the mixing chamber. The cleaning of the mixer can be done dry as well as wet. Cleaning plays a major role in the production of powder coatings, as this takes place several times a day. Due to the CIP nozzles and large cleaning doors on both sides, this mixer offers advantages to powder coating manufacturers.

Gentle mixing

The MBZ 1400 batch mixer can be used to mix batches of up to 1000 liters. It has a mixing chamber with two mixing rotors that rotate in opposite directions. The two mixing rotors build up a zone in the center of the mixer in which the product is fluidized. Here, the quasi-floating particles are mixed in a complex dynamic process due to the optimized shape and position of the mixing tools. Since the mechanical stress on the products is very low, even very sensitive products can be mixed. The mixer is emptied via an outlet flap with pneumatic swivel drive and a special seal located in the bottom of the mixing chamber.

Accurate filling

The mixed powder coatings can be filled either into big bags or cartons with PE bags. For this purpose, a fully automatic filling system for cartons was installed in addition to a big bag filling station. All other components of the filling line can also be quickly dismantled and wet cleaned. A driven roller conveyor, on which ten empty cartons can be placed, ensures that the packs are fed to the filling station and separated. The filling station with screw feeder and electronic scales ensures accurate filling. Up to ten filled cartons can be buffered on the downstream accumulating roller conveyor before they are manually closed and palletized.


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