Reliable separation and dedusting, even with the most difficult products

The Separator TAF is used for product / air separation in dedusting and pneumatic conveying systems. The integrated, pneumatically cleaned pocket filter allows the separator to be used with hygroscopic, baking powders and granules. The separator is available in diameters from 600 to 1600 mm and filter from 1.5 to 19 m². The discharge funnel can be equipped with a discharge aid or device for products with a low flow rate.

Due to the smoothly welded and free of dead space construction, the Separators TAF are particularly suitable with high demands regarding cleaning purposes.

For use in pneumatic vacuum conveyor systems, the separator can be supplied in a reinforced version for negative pressures up to 0.4 bar.

The housing is welded without any separation flange. The filter door can be swiveled sideways. The filter baskets and the filter slit plate can be dismantled individually. After the filter slot plate has been removed, a cleaning space in the size of this slot plate is available. The diaphragm valves (24V / DC) of the filter cleaning can be controlled directly by the system controller or by a separate filter control unit. Compressed air with a pressure of approx. 5 bar is required for filter cleaning.

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