Safe and Steady Discharge of Bulk Goods from Silos and Containers

The Vibration Bottom DAV is used if non-free flowing products are to be discharged from silos or containers, or if product separation is to be prevented during discharge.

The vibration bottom takes the product from a silo or container over a large cross-section and carries it through a much smaller cross-section. The size of the vibration bottom depends on the silo geometry and the product properties. Of course, we are will advise you on the right size of the vibrating floor.

The Vibration Bottom DAV is installed directly on the outlet of a silo or tank. For this purpose, the outlet cone must be equipped with suspension claws and a compensator connection ring.

A silo can be designed directly for the Vibration Bottom DAV, but in many cases a retrofitted installation is also possible.

The Vibration Bottom DAV is equipped with a continuously variable vibration motor, which puts the entire unit in a horizontal torsional vibration. The vibration bottom is delivered completely pre-assembled with vibration elements, vibration motor and inlet compensator.

  • Safe discharge even with Austragen auch bei viscous bulk solids
  • Steady discharge of products
  • Reduced separation during discharge
  • Units that have been tested for several decades
  • Low overall height
  • Concave disc in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel design
  • Stainless steel version with grounded (grain 120) and product-contacting surfaces
  • Silo outlet connection with suspension claws for accommodating the discharge swing bottom
  • Discharge flap