Test facility

An ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory

We offer the opportunity to test new processes and products individually in our specially equipped rooms, independently of your own production processes.

In our test facility we determine the bulk material-specific properties of your product.

We test your products on our components for your future plant.

In our test and demonstration centre we establish the specification of your product. We test the process and the components of your future plant.

The following experiments are possible:
  • pneumatic conveying until 200 m (pressure conveying, suction conveying, dense phase conveying)
  • gravimetric and volumetric dosing
  • batchwise and continuous mixing
  • Determination of the discharge behavior of big bags and bags
  • Screening with centrifugal sifter
  • Product crushing with sieve and lump crusher
  • Individual test setups in consultation

During these tests at industrial size you’ll see before, how your plant will perform.